Doctorate in Accounting


What is a Doctorate in Accounting?

An online Doctorate in Accounting focuses on research and theory in accounting. Students earning a Doctorate in Accounting typically use their degree to obtain an undergraduate – or graduate-level teaching position at a business school within a college or university. An Accounting doctorate degree will go way beyond basic accounting principles and practices, and dives deep into analytics and research.


Many colleges and universities offering an online Doctoral degree in Accounting require incoming students to hold a master’s degree in Accounting or a related area of study. Some colleges may also require students to have earned their CPA designation and have some professional work experience in the field. Each college and university has specific admission requirements, and students should contact their school of interest for exact enrollment information.

Course Requirements

Online Accounting Doctorate courses focus on advanced theories and research methodologies. Courses are designed to challenge students’ critical-thinking skills and prepare them for a career as a professor at a college or university. Students in an Accounting doctorate degree can expect to complete courses that may include seminar courses in management accounting, financial accounting and advanced micro and macroeconomics. Upon completion of their courses, students develop a thesis or dissertation and then must pass an exam that covers all aspects of their area of study.

Time to Completion

Accounting Doctorate online programs are most commonly full-time programs. In these full-time programs, the time to complete an Accounting Doctorate degree varies, but typically ranges from three to five years. This time to completion depends in large part on the number of course credits required to graduate, as well as the amount of time to complete the final dissertation.

Career Outlook

Online Accounting Doctorate degree holders typically use their education to pursue a career in academia, teaching accounting and accounting-related courses at colleges and universities. Although many corporations want accounting employees with a CPA designation, very few require an Accounting doctorate degree.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for professors who hold a Doctoral degree will increase 17 percent through 2020. This increase is demand is due, in large part, to the increasing number of students attending college to earn their associate’s or bachelor’s degree, as well as the continuing and increasing demand for accountants.


Doctorate Accounting Degree Options

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