New Year’s Resolutions For Accounting Students Everywhere


A brand new year is starting up, and with it comes a new spirit for college students to ramp up your current studies and ensure that you get your future plans moving. Getting more connected in current classes, joining groups for networking in your study area and balancing your current work time with your studies can all pay dividends in your future accounting studies.

For students seeking accounting careers, there are certain steps to take in the onward march toward an accounting degree. Looking ahead to the next year means finding new opportunities for end-of-term part-time or full-time jobs with corporations, accounting firms or small business opportunities.

Let’s take a look at some of New Year’s resolutions you can take to turn your 2013 study goals into practical, actionable opportunities. Try these out:

1) Sleep and Eat Well 

“Sleep is overrated!” is the rallying cry for many college students (and young professionals). In the drive to move up the ladder quickly and succeed, students are more apt to squeeze in as much into their waking hours as they can, forsaking a solid night of sleep in the process. But in fact, our bodies run on internal clocks that like and adapt well to routine patterns. So students should give their bodies the rest they need, and that will produce a more alert, more energetic student, firing on all cylinders.

2) Exercise and Get Healthy

This is almost an afterthought for young students, who routinely hit the gym and get the adrenalin  moving. Even if you don’t have a regular exercise schedule, it’s important to include fitness activities in your student life. It can be anything from walking the campus to burn calories as needed, or joining a sports league to ensure that your body and brain are collectively working as one.

3) Follow Accounting Industry Influencers

For accounting students, knowing what’s happening in their chosen fields of study is a good start toward a burgeoning career. Reading Accounting Today on a regular basis or following @AccountingBest on Twitter is a good way to start your New Year.

4) Secure an Internship 

Every semester, the Big 4 accounting firms and other small to medium accounting firms offer starter internships for bright, enthusiastic accounting students. Some of these accounting internships are determined by semester progress, year of study or the ‘who you know’ criteria. Some of the typical tasks will include accounting basics relevant to your future career, including working with tax returns, data entry, financial statements and more.

5) Strive for Good Grades

Are you taking your accounting classes seriously? If not, then one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to excel in your studies. Doing so provides a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment, especially balanced with your other work. Use the start of the New Year to chart out a progressive plan to get your grades up.

6) Avoid Cutting Corners

Don’t cheat yourself by cutting corners. If your accounting prof assigns you a project that requires loads of research, just do it.  Don’t try to skimp on the research or the analysis required. US News & World Report suggests that cutting corners means you may not realize the full value of your college degree, either.

7) Prepare for the CPA Exam

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant is a goal for nearly all who study accounting in college. Make a New Year’s resolution to prepare for the Uniform CPA Exam. Once you have the research prepared, you can join CPA study groups at your own college to develop networks and friendly study groups.

8) Networking More

As you develop networks, you can vow to ramp up your social and business networking both on campus and off campus activities. One such venue is alumni groups, which offer a connected forum to meet and greet with those who’ve studied accounting before you.

While in college as an accounting student, you can make plans to take the next step up on the ladder of success. Prepare for accounting work with a clear, more energized focus, and soon, opportunity will be knocking on your door.

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