Myths About Accountants


Accountants are a group of individuals who are often misunderstood due to the general public’ myths assumes are true. Understanding the myths and the facts is an important part of determining if accounting is the right job for you. The reality is that many common conceptions about accountants are completely inaccurate, and even border humorous. Learn more about common myths of accountants:

The Walking Calculator

Many individuals assume that an accountant is someone who is good at math, understands numbers and can do complicated sums in his or her head. While this might apply to a mathematician, it does not actually apply to an accountant.

It is true that many accountants work with math, but that is also true of anyone who needs to add, subtract, divide or multiply in their work or daily life. Accountants do need to work with some math to determine commission rates, ensure that addition is correct when auditing company books or to calculate the amount customers must pay for services.

The level of math required by an accountant primarily relates to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Accountants are not walking calculators and perform a wide array of tasks other than mathematical figures.

Accountants Are Not Good With People

The idea that accountants do not need to have people skills is a classic myth that is vital to dispel at any level. Accountants are constantly working with clients, representatives of companies and a wide range of other individuals. They must have excellent people skills to put their customers at ease while working on projects.

It is a myth that accountants are not good with people. Most accountants do work with their customers directly as well as teams of other accountants. The ability to work well with others and encourage customers to open up about their particular accounting needs is a vital part of working as an accountant.

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An Accountant is not a Businessman

The myth that accountants are not also businessmen and women is a classic myth. While it is true in some situations, where the accountant is working for a large firm or is gaining experience at another company, many accountants eventually break out and start their own companies.

Any accountant who is running an accountancy firm is also a businessman or woman. He or she is working on every aspect of the business, including marketing and customer relations. The fact that the firm is design to provide accounting services is only part of the work performed.

Accounting is a 9 to 5 Job

Anyone who is looking for a career that has a reasonable work to life ratio often assumes that accounting is the perfect job for their goals. The reality is that some accountants will work the normal 40 hours per week and some will work much longer hours. Any accountant who is running a firm can expect to work as many as 10 to 12 hours per day.

The number of hours worked depends on the company an accountant works for. Those who are working in a company that does not allow overtime hours can expect the basic nine to five days. Other individuals will find that the company requires working longer hours every week. In some situations, accountants will work long hours at certain times of the year and shorter hours during the slower seasons for the particular company.

Accounting has a wide range of myths that are easily dispelled with a little thinking and research. Accountants are not necessarily everything popular belief suggests. Understanding the myths and the reality is a vital part of deciding on a future career.

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