How Do You Know If Accounting Is For You?


Deciding on a career is not like choosing what to eat for dinner. Your career choice comes with a heavy weight as it impacts your choice of schooling and life as you know it. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself so you can gauge if the accounting field is for you:

What is an Accountant?

It’s difficult to pinpoint what an accountant does because there are so many areas in accounting – tax, audits, and even real estate. It all boils down to this: an accountant has to take numbers and figure out what the meaning is behind those numbers. They must also be able to communicate that meaning to leadership and other sectors of a business. And then also make decisions that would be consistent with the numbers and consistent with company strategy.

What Does the Modern-Day Accountant Look Like?

The days of the accountant sitting in a cube crunching numbers are really going away or are gone. Accountants can work for the government on international missions to reconcile spending, they can work as independent auditors, they can assist with mergers and acquisitions; the list goes on.

What Traits Make a Good Accountant?

People with accounting jobs understand information systems and are skilled at working with computers to gather, report, and interpret information. Accountants with the natural ability to solve complex problems and communicate solutions are essential qualities as well.

How Much Schooling Do You Need?

It’s not a secret that a degree is needed to practice as an accountant, but your options vary greatly. You can earn a degree in two years with an associate’s degree in Accounting, or you can advance all the way up to the Doctorate level.

…And Three More Quirky Facts About Accounting

  • Bob Newhart began his career as an accountant before he became a comedian.
  • Jazz musician Kenny G, while continuing to play in Jazz bands professionally, decided to complete his degree in Accounting
  • Accounting is one of the top 10 safest jobs to have, according to Info Corner
  • The Ohio State University is home to the Accounting Hall of Fame which honors outstanding contributions to the profession
  • The first CPA exam was given in New York in 1896

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