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Every accountant knows the secret to efficient, accurate work is having access to the right tools. With cloud storage, cash register applications for computers and tablets, and other current technology trends that have moved much of the accounting world online, some of the most useful tools on the market now come in the form of tech “extensions” or “plugins” that integrate with your web browser. The best Google Chrome plugins for accountants place essential tools at your fingertips without your hands ever having to leave your keyboard or mouse. Check out‘s favorite picks here:


Perhaps the most essential tool in the accountant’s arsenal is a calculator, a luckily Google Chrome offers a calculator extension that makes it easy to do both simple and complex calculations without leaving your browser. There are several varieties of calculator available for Google Chrome, a couple of which offer features that set them above the rest of the pack. Calculator add-ons are ideal if you spend a lot of time working in online forms or spreadsheets. It is so integrated with Chrome that when you pull up the calculator and enter in the values, the result of the calculation automatically populates into a designated area. This allows you to quickly move through the fields of an online form and perform calculations without having to copy and paste the solutions from the calculator.

Cloudy Calculator is a calculator for Chrome built to emulate the calculator that is actually available in the Google search engine. It allows for basic calculations, math functions, and unit conversions. The main difference, according to the creators of Cloudy Calculator, is the ability to easily review previous calculations performed on the calculator. Use Cloudy Calculator Enhancer to add a keyboard shortcuts and maximize efficiency.

Finance Toolbar

If your accounting work goes hand-in-hand with investments or stocks, you’ll get plenty of utility from the Finance Toolbar for Google Chrome. The toolbar provides easy access to live, up-to-the-minute news on subjects in the financial sector, provides links to currency conversion, the Wall Street Journal, live stock quotes, and market statistics.


When it comes to collecting numerical data from the Internet, no free extension may prove more beneficial to an accountant as Scraper. Just by highlighting and right-clicking a value on the page, you can set Scraper to pull any values that are comparable to the original value into a table for export, making it easy to import the data into a spreadsheet where you can sort and analyze it.

Expensify Web Receipts

Ideal for accountants who purchase of business supplies or services online, the Expensify Web Receipts extension for Google Chrome makes receipt and expense documentation a cinch. With Expensify, the financial information is pulled from the website automatically and uploaded to a user’s account, where it can be exported to Quickbooks or submitted as a reimbursement. It’s a good way for offices that require a lot of online purchases to keep all receipts in one place.

Finance41 Extension

Managing personal finances as an accounting professional is just as important as when you are at work. Simplify the process with Finance41, a Chrome extension that gives you quick access to enter, track and label your income and expenditures. The simple budgeting tool provides the ease of use accountants need to put work behind them in the evenings, while still keeping track of their personal finances.

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