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Marketing, advertising, and even business in general is becoming more and more driven by social media. Every major social media site has its own purpose and one of the most useful to business professionals, specifically accounting degree students or even accountants on Twitter. One of the best things about Twitter is the hashtag feature. This means you can follow a topic, or share information ON a topic without following people directly. For instance, if you are tweeting to share some accounting news or tips, you might add the hashtag #accounting at the end of your post. On the other hand, if you want to learn what others are saying about accounting you can simply read up on what others have posted about #accounting lately. While the #accounting hashtag is a good one, it is rather broad. Learn about some of the other top hashtags that those in the accounting profession should make sure and follow.

#tax – This tag is used not only by accountants but also by the general population around tax season. A good tag to follow for the latest tax codes and laws.

#CPA – You will find this one used quite often by accountant’s own marketing efforts, but can be a good one to follow for general news on accountancy too.

#smallbiz – This is the broad small business tag. There are often many accounting and tax related questions posted with this tag, which can make it useful for accountants trying to make connections.

#jobs – The job market is always of interest to accountants, one to follow that also poses many accountant related questions.

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#irstaxpros – This tag often accompanies information posted that is directly from the IRS, which is always useful for tax professionals.

#bookkeepers – This tag covers the bookkeeping end of the accounting profession.

#cpaexam – Accounting students and recent graduates can share test tips and even commiserate together with this hashtag.

#CFO – Many Accountants and those who have obtained an Accounting degree

This is just a small listing of the hashtags that an accountant may find useful. You can find a list of related hashtags and follow new tags as they become more popular at Hashonomy. This is an ever-evolving database of Twitter hashtags. By learning the tags that are most useful to your particular line of business, you can make new connections in the business world and easily stay up to date with the latest news in accounting.

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