5 Tips for Aceing Your CPA Exam


Students that are attempting to successfully pass the CPA Exam may feel that they are overwhelmed.  The Certified Public Accounting (CPA) Exam is a challenging exam that tests a student’s true knowledge in various subjects that are relevant to the field of accounting. Fortunately, a student does not need to be completely overwhelmed and fear taking the exam. With proper preparation and a great strategy for taking the exam, a student can be on their way to being having the accounting position of their dreams. A student is highly recommended to follow these five secret tips to in order to ace CPA Exam without risking an individual’s sanity at that same time.

Keeping up with Confidence in Yourself

It is often said that successful individuals fake it to make it.  Faking it is one thing but having confidence can truly go a long way when attempting to pass the CPA Exam. The exam truly takes time, energy and confidence in order to be completed.  Students need to go one step further than just simply studying the material.  Students can benefit from taking a proactive approach when dealing with the stress that is associated with successfully completing the exam.  By believing in their capabilities and potential to succeed a student can surpass the doubt that is usually associated with failing in an exam.  Being nervous and not having enough confidence can lead to the student procrastinating when it comes to keeping up with adequate test preparations.  Calm nerves are a must when it comes to studying for the exam as well as taking the actual exam.  It is always helpful to remember previous academic success and obstacles that have been met in order to instill faith in the student’s abilities to successfully pass the exam.  Having confidence also helps a student avoid making mistakes that may be made without much thought.

Investing in Sufficient and Recent CPA Review Materials

CPA review guides and books should be an area of the CPA program that a student does not choose to cut corners and save their money.  It is important that a student purchased review materials that are relevant to the topics that will be included on the exam as well as making sure that the review materials are up-to-date.  Students that use outdated study materials risk missing out on material that will probably appear on the exam.

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Following a Schedule

It is extremely important for students to set a specific schedule when it comes to studying for the CPA Exam. Schedules should be made at realistic times and with the student being honest about their study habits.  Some students find it easier to break up their schedule into smaller blocks of times in order to make studying more manageable.

Test Format

A student needs to familiarize themselves with the test format. This is important because it gives the student an idea of how the actual test will be formatted.  It is never good to be faced with surprises on the day of testing. Formats such as multiple-choice and task based scenarios need to be encountered during study sessions.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect.  This saying is extremely true to for students that want to ace the CPA Exam. Practicing on a regular basis prior to the exam ensures that a student will actually retain a majority of the information that was practiced.  Practice also allows the student to identify area of difficulty so that they can further focus their efforts on a particular topic.  As a student continues to practice they can gradually increase their scores on practice quizzes and exams.  This will also result in greater confidence in their ability to take the exam.

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