Associate’s Degree in Accounting


What is an Associate’s Degree in Accounting?

An associate’s degree in Accounting online includes the foundational knowledge and skill development students need to obtain an entry-level accounting position through distance learning. Students complete numerous exercises and projects within their courses that develop their technical skill and prepare them to perform accounting practices in any type of business or organization. These online courses also develop a student’s analytical and problem-solving skills, while introducing them to several areas of accounting.


Students who want to apply for admission to an online Accounting bachelor’s degree are typically required to hold a high school diploma. Some colleges and universities will accept a GED from student. If students are entering a business school within a college, that business school may have additional enrollment requirements that go beyond the general enrollment requirements of the college. Each college and university has specific admission requirements, and students should contact their school of interest for exact enrollment information.

Courses to Expect

Students in an online Accounting associate’s degree complete several courses focused on developing practical accounting skills relevant to today’s business environment. Courses may include beginning accounting, payroll accounting, financial accounting and taxation, business ethics, and business law. Students must also complete general education courses not specifically focused on accounting principles like an English, humanities, and social sciences.

Time to Completion

Students can typically complete an associate’s degree in Accounting online in two years. About one and a half years are focused on accounting and business management courses, while general education courses are completed in the remaining time. If a college accepts credits previously earned, then you may be able to complete the required degree courses in less than two years. More, online college makes it more flexible to complete your degree at a pace your comfortable with. Working students may want to spread out their college courses through a period of three to four years, while full-time online students could complete their degree in one to 1.5 years.

Employment Outlook

Employers are continuing to demand accounting professionals who hold an Accounting associate’s degree to fill entry-level positions that require specific accounting knowledge and skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for entry-level accounting-related positions—commonly filled by Accounting associate’s degree holders—will increase 10 percent through 2018.

As an online associate’s degree in Accounting graduate, students can expect to be qualified for find entry-level accounting positions in businesses across all industries – government, healthcare, IT, advertising, you name it.  With an associate’s degree, graduates have the option to explore varied types of accounting positions and gain experience in many areas to help them choose which position they most enjoy. Some of these accounting-related positions include, accountants, accounts payable or accounts receivable clerk, auditing clerk or bookkeeper.


Associate’s Accounting Degree Options

Colorado Technical University
Associate's (ASACC) - Accounting
DeVry University
Associate's in Accounting
Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University
Associate's of Business Administration in Accounting
Kaplan University
Associate's of Applied Science in Accounting
Keiser University
Associate's Degree in Accounting
Post University
Associate's of Science in Accounting
Rasmussen College
Associate's Degree in Accounting
Strayer University
Associate's of Arts in Accounting
University of Phoenix
Associate's Degree in Accounting
Virginia College
Accounting Specialist